How to join us

When it comes to recruitment, neither of us can afford to get it wrong - you have only one life, and we don't recruit a huge number of trainees so it is vital that you fit in well and are happy being here. In order to make sure that ours is the right environment for you, we run a very personal interview process.

The Interview Process

Our recruitment process is designed to provide you with the opportunity to tell us about yourself and why you think you would make a good accountant. In our online application form, you will be asked to provide information on your academic background, positions of responsibility, achievements and future career goals. 

  1. First things first; we read your application thoroughly – you need to convince us that you are interested in a job with our firm. Be sure to check for basic mistakes such as spelling errors - attention to detail is an important skill for an accountant!
  2. If we like what we see then you will be invited to meet a Senior or a Manager who will interview you in detail and may set you a short written or numerical test.
  3. If their impression of you is good, you will meet one of our Partners, who will further try and make sure that we are a good match for you and you for us.


You can find out more about the interview process by following the links below:

We understand how long it can take to complete an application form and so by Applying Online you can save your progress as you make your way through the questions. Just be sure to make a note of the application deadline so that you can complete and submit your application in time.


  • Linda

    Office: Nottingham
    University: University of Birmingham
    Degree: BCom Commerce (Business Administration)