UCAS Points

We ask for your UCAS point score on our application form as it provides a handy method to quickly benchmark achievements at secondary school level. If you do not know your UCAS points score, or did not study in the UK and so do not have one, simply leave the field in the application form blank - it will not count against you in any way.

Please note: We do not allow for UCAS points gained in General Studies.

If you are applying to our Scottish firm, Campbell Dallas, please note that the tariff scores for Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers will change for 2010 entry onwards. You can apply to Campbell Dallas here.

The table below outlines the current method for measuring AS and A Level UCAS points (click here) for more information from UCAS on how to work out points for NVQs and other qualifications):


Grade Tariff Points

Double Award

A level with additional
AS (9 units)
GCE A level
and AVCE
GCE AS Double
A*A*         280
A*A         260
AA         240
AB         220
BB  A*A       200
BC  AA       180
   AB       170
CC         160
   BB       150
CD  BC  A*     140
DD  CC  A  AA   120
   CD    AB   110
DE    B  BB   100
   DD    BC   90
EE  DE  C  CC   80
       CD   70
   EE  D  DD  A 60
       DE  B 50
     E  EE  C 40
         D 30
         E 20



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